These days I have been thinking about my Instagram a lot. I have a good following and they are 95% guys. Among them, a lot of you actually got to know me and love me for me other than my looks. 🤗❤️  My page has a relatively high engagement rate compared to other models and many of you actually take time to comment on my posts. I'm thankful that you took an interest on me and have been there for me. But these days, I'm starting to think for the long run. I'd like to get some female followers and I'd like to have a change on the whole outlook of the page. I have deleted some of the posts that are too sexual and I want to avoid those posts. The truth is sexual posts get higher engagement and more followers but it doesn't get me far. I believe people could follow me for me, my personality or my style, other than my sexual side. I have a big personality but with me posting sexually all the time, it's like the only thing I have to offer is my fat a$$... LOL I don't know how the trend for us models started but it seems like pages are getting more and more ratchet, mine included. Lol 🙈 For some reason Asian girls look more rachet when showing too much skin but white girls don't. 🤨🧐🤔 Maybe it's just me haha... Anyway, I hope I could slowly change my style to be more mainstream. I could be sexy and wearing bikini still and be showing my curves but the whole feel of the page needs to gear towards a healthier look. You might hate it but if you love me you would respect my decision. Lol anyway, hope you have a wonderful weekend. Talk soon! 

Brina xoxo

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